Update of the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Partnering Platform

Euresearch 300x100The Platform is especially dedicated to IMI 2 which provides excellent networking opportunities to prepare for the 1st IMI 2 Call in July 2014

The IMI 2 Partnering Platform is set up by the German National Contact Point Life Sciences with support from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It allows potential IMI 2 applicants to identify suitable cooperation partners for the 1st Call of the IMI 2. The IMI 2 Partnering Platform does not only facilitate the quick and targeted search for possible partners but also displays Euopean-wide cooperation offers specific to IMI 2.
Networking via the Platform is open to all IMI 2 applicants on the European level. Up to now more than 950 profiles including 226 SMEs from 38 different countries are published!

Via the IMI website you can also find another partner search tool for finding sutible project partners.

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