IT for Research Day 2018

Wednesday 19 September 2018, 10:00 – 17:00h, University of Berne, Main Building, Kuppelraum

We will present you with new perspectives in this special event. SWITCHengines, which was developed for the needs of Swiss researchers, is being enhanced in the SCALE-UP project (for a short summary see Both projects were granted start-up funding by swissuniversities’ program “Scientific information” (P-5). SWITCH and swissuniversities will seize the occasion to give you more information about the project for a Coordination Office for Scientific Information (COSI), scheduled to be operative from 2021 onward.

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Horizon 2020 Security Brokerage Event for Practitioners

This European Brokerage Event focuses on security topics in the context of the fight against crime and terrorism. The targeted audience are practitioners. The event takes place in Paris on 2 October 2018.

The National Contact Point network SEREN4 and the French Ministry of the Interior invite you to a European networking event between practitioners. The event is supported by the European Commission and dedicated to the following 2019 Security topics on the fight against crime and terrorism:

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Save the Date: Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 6 Brokerage Event

The Societal Challenge 6 Brokerage Event for topics with deadline in March 2019 will take place in Warsaw, Poland on 30 October 2018. The focus is on the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to get involved in the next Societal Challenge 6 proposals! The Brokerage Event consists of a morning info-day session with presentations from the European Commission, followed by a presentation session for future coordinators. During pre-arranged face-to-face meetings you can meet and discuss with researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.

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Update on the ERC Work Programme 2019

The ERC Work Programme 2019 will be published in mid-September 2018. The Starting Grant and Synergy Grant 2019 will open upon the Work Programme adoption.

The ERC Work Programme 2019, originally planned for mid-July, should now be published in mid-September.

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Health Horizon Call 2019 Published

The 2019 Health Horizon Call is published with some new funding opportunities

The 2019 Health Horizon Call is published! Over 1 billion Euro are available for research and innovation projects. Please consult the website to get the entire topic list.

You also find information on the Health Horizon Call on

BRIDGE Proof of Concept

Eingabefrist: 10.09.2018

Die achte Ausschreibung von BRIDGE Proof of Concept ist bis am 10. September 2018 geöffnet. Das Angebot richtet sich an junge Forschende, die basierend auf ihren Forschungsresultaten Anwendungen oder Dienstleistungen entwickeln wollen.


Eingabefrist: 01.11.2018

PRIMA-Beiträge richten sich an hervorragende Forscherinnen, die ein hohes Potenzial für eine Professur aufweisen.

​​PRIMA-Beitragsempfängerinnen führen ein Forschungsprojekt unter ihrer Leitung und mit einem eigenen Team an einer Schweizer Forschungsinstitution durch. Ein PRIMA-Beitrag umfasst das Salär der Beitragsempfängerin sowie Projektmittel für eine Dauer von fünf Jahren.

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NFP ″Fürsorge und Zwang″ lanciert zweite Ausschreibung

Eingabefrist: 15.11.2018

Nach der ersten Ausschreibung des NFP 76 wurden 22 Projekte ausgewählt. Um noch bestehende Forschungslücken zu schliessen, wird eine zweite Ausschreibung lanciert.

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Cleantech Week India 2018

India’s energy sector is all set to boom with ambitious targets and the aggressive growth approach of the Indian government. Take a closer look at this market, its growth, opportunities and potential through a one week market exploartion program designed by swissnex India. Weiterlesen

Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 Update Now Online

All Horizon 2020 Work Programme sections have been updated. New is the section „Cross-cutting activities“.



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