Horizon 2020 Security Information Day and Brokerage Event

This event offers information and networking opportunities for all calls of the Horizon 2020 work programme Secure Societies with deadline 23 August 2018. It takes place on 11 April 2018 in Warsaw. Registration is open until 1 April 2018.

The Network of Secure Societies National Contact Points (SEREN3) organises this event in collaboration with the European Commission. Participants will be informed on the calls for proposals H2020-CIP 2018, H2020-SEC 2018 and H2020-DS-2018. The brokerage event provides the opportunity to meet potential cooperation partners face to face.

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Brokerage Event on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for Horizon 2020 NMBP 2019 Topics

Are you looking to lead or participate in collaborative R&D project? Come to Madrid and find your right partners


This event has two objectives:

  • presentation of insights, expectations and tips on the 2019 NMBP topics from the European Commission as
  • offer an international networking platform to find the right partners for a successful H2020 proposal.

The event is held on 3 July 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

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Meet Partners for Research and Business on Raw Materials, Circular Economy and Advanced Materials

20–22-06-2018, 10:00–13:30 in Anacapri

Participate in the BE-Mat Matchmaking Event!

The BE-Mat matchmaking event aims to bring together entrepreneurs and researchers in the areas of critical raw materials, recycling, advanced materials, circular economy (including business models) and related areas to create links for research and innovation projects and business cooperation.

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Nachwuchsforschende mit revolutionären Ideen gesucht

Eingabefrist: 30.01.2018

Für seine Jahrestagung am 17. April 2018 in Brüssel sucht SwissCore vier Nachwuchsforschende (Doktorierende oder Forschende bis maximal 3 Jahre nach der Promotion, alle Disziplinen), deren Forschung das Potential hat, die Welt zu verbessern.

SwissCore ist das Schweizer Kontaktbüro für europäische Forschung, Innovation und Bildung in Brüssel und wird vom Schweizerischen Nationalfonds, vom Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation und von KTI/Innosuisse mitfinanziert.

Im Jahr 2018 werden für die Zukunft der europäischen Forschungs- und Innovationspolitik wichtige Entscheidungen getroffen. Die europäischen Institutionen diskutieren zurzeit etwa die Bedeutung von bahnbrechender Forschung und Innovation zur Bewältigung globaler Herausforderungen, zum Beispiel im Hinblick auf das Erreichen der UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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5th edition of STIL – 1st of March, 2018

Located at the SwissTech Convention Center recently inaugurated on the EPFL campus, the salon offers 3700 m2 of space for its exhibitors and desires to be accessible to broad public. It is an opportunity for exchanges and horizons between exhibitors, speakers and visitors on the theme of new technologies. The 10’536 students on campus constitute first hand public for the exhibitors.

Strong, from the success of the last three editions, the STIL will come back on the 1st of March, 2018 with more ambitious objectives. It will expose recent breakthroughs answering current challenges.
The purpose of the day is to give an interesting and playful way for the visitors to discover the technologies of the different laboratories and enterprises.

Our salon is a space for dialogue and exchanges around innovation and technology, and also entrepreneurship. The STIL is opened to all public and allows to unite engineers, technologiy enthusiasts, and people simply eager to learn more on technological advances. Its exceptional location will reunite numerous curious people who came specially to discover to technological tendencies of the coming years.

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Medienkurse für Forschende 2018

Medientrainings, Schreibchoachings und Social Media Workshops

In unseren Kursen treffen Sie auf erfahrene Journalistinnen und Spezialisten der Wissenschaftskommunikation. Im eintägigen Medientraining lernen Sie praxisnah den Umgang mit Medienschaffenden, sowie das ansprechende Auftreten und wirkungsvolle Reden vor Kamera und Mikrofon. Im zweitägigen Schreibcoaching eignen Sie sich nichtwissenschaftliche Schreibtechniken an. Die öffentlichkeitswirksame Vermittlung Ihrer Themen und Resultate steht dabei im Zentrum. Im eintägigen Social Media Workshop erfahren Sie mehr über Strategien und Präsentationsformen in den Neuen Medien.

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Brokerage Event on Horizon 2020 Security Calls

On 1 and 2 February 2018 the Security Mission Information & Innovation Group (SMI2G) is organising an event in Brussels to discuss on the upcoming 2018 Secure Societies calls of Horizon 2020.

This brokerage event provides a unique networking platform to stimulate innovative ideas and facilitate the creation of consortia. All Horizon 2020 Secure Societies topics will be represented.

The objective of SMI2G is to provide opportunities to create ideas and find partners for each open research call of the EU security research programme.

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Young scientists with revolutionary ideas wanted

Submission deadline: 30/Jan/2018

For its Annual Event on 17 April 2018 in Brussels, SwissCore is looking for four excellent young scientists (PhD candidates or 2-3 years after, from all disciplines) who are conducting research with the potential to change the world.

SwissCore is the Swiss Contact Office for European Research, Education and Innovation, co-funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation and CTI/Innosuisse.

2018 is a key year to define the future of European research and innovation. The European institutions are discussing the importance of „disruptive research and innovation“ to tackle global challenges and respond to the needs of society in the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Brokerage Event for Science with and for Society

This event takes place in Brussels on 29 January 2018. Participants will get first-hand information on upcoming Science with and for Society topics in Horizon 2020 and have the opportunity to look for consortium partners.

The brokerage event will therefore be of particular interest and relevance to members of the Science with and for Society research community who are looking for networking and funding opportunities within Horizon 2020.
This event is organised by SiS.net2, the international network of National Contact Points (NCPs) in the field of Science with and for Society in Horizon 2020 in cooperation with the European Commission.

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Swiss Nordic Bio 2018

08-02-2018, 08:00–15:21 in Zürich

The Swiss Nordic Bio 2018 is organised by the Nordic countries in cooperation with Swiss partners. During this high-level partnering and investor conference, Swiss and Nordic biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as investors meet in one-to-one meetings and present themselves in plenum.

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