The Hasler Foundation Launches a Competition

Hasler StiftungThe Hasler Foundation is inviting interested parties in Switzerland to design a grand challenge in the area where the foundation has its mission, namely information and communications technology. They are not asking parties to provide the solutions yet, just the challenge. If a party’s grand challenge is selected, they can still participate.
The grand challenge must be simply posed, inspirational, and easily demonstrable to a wide variety of audiences. It should have a well defined measurable and verifiable goal.

It must also demonstrate one or more technological breakthroughs in its solution that have promise to impact an entire field of research in the future.
The Hasler Foundation plans to award a prize of CHF 50’000 to the best idea that then can be put out to the Swiss ICT research community as a grand challenge to solve in the years to come.

The submission deadline is March 31, 2016.

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