This proposal check event is a unique opportunity to have your ICT proposal reviewed by experienced persons before submitting it to the European Commission. Relevant ICT topics: ICT-38-2020, ICT-42-2020, ICT-44-2020, ICT-50-2020, ICT-51-2020, ICT-54-2020, ICT-56-2020

The Ideal-ist network is holding a proposal check event for the first ICT calls in 2020. The events will take place on the 8 of January in Rome. Proposers will be able to participate on-site and remotely as well. The event offers proposers a unique chance to improve the quality of project proposals based on feedback from experienced external experts and national contact points (NCPs). The event aims to transfer useful knowledge and increase proposers’ chances for funding.

Registration deadline: 18 December 2019

More information and registration

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