Euresearch 300x100Pre-Announcement

The COST Committee of Senior Officials has decided on the outline of the new evaluation and selection procedures as well as the scientific structure of COST in its September Meeting in Brussels. All endeavours are undertaken to have the Open Call official announcement published before end November, the procedures for submission of proposals ready by beginning of January 2015 and the Collection Date set to the end of March 2015.

This includes the preparation of a new set of COST Implementation Rules, in particular the „COST Action Proposal Submission, Evaluation, Selection and Approval“ rules and procedures (including the evaluation criteria and conflict of interest rules) which will be submitted for approval to the November CSO meeting. The drafting of the new proposal form template, the COST Action Proposal Submission, Evaluation, Selection and Approval (SESA) Guidelines, and the requirements for IT specification is on-going and will be available by the end of December 2014.

In order to allow the researchers to prepare timely a proposal submission, the pre-announcement of the Open Call is now available on the COST website.

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