AAL Call 5: ICT-based Solutions for (Self) Management of Daily Life Activities of Older Adults at Home

The fifth AAL call for proposals is expected to be launched at the end of February 2012 and will be open for three months. Call Title: ICT-based Solutions for (Self) Management of Daily Life Activities of Older Adults at Home. The online application procedure is organized centrally by the AAL Association. The Swiss AAL funding budget for 2012 amounts to EUR 4 million. Research institutions, companies and end-user organizations are eligible for funding. Swiss organizations interested in participating are recommended to contact the Swiss AAL Office.

Additional information from the Pre-Announcement of AAL JP Call 5:

Most people prefer to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. When support is necessary, there are different options: using technology and/or assistance delivered by somebody else.

Today, informal and family care is the predominant model of support for older adults. According to a 2010 estimate 80% of all care across Europe is given by family carers. Currently, informal care givers sum up to 19 Million persons across Europe. Family carers provide “primary assistance with activities of daily life”. However, formal care services are in many cases indispensable and paid care for older adults is a growing phenomenon across Europe. Migrant care workers play an important role in this sector.

The AAL JP Call 5 aims at the development of ICT-based solutions which enable and sustain older adults to continue managing their daily activities in their home. This call aims also at ICT-based solutions which support informal carers in their assistance.

We would like to draw your attention to the following Call 5 information and networking events:

  • Innsbruck, 5 March 2012   Joint AAL Information and Networking Day – Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg
  • Zurich, 9 March 2012, Swiss AAL Call 5 Information Event
  • Brussels, 13 March 2012 European AAL Info Day
  • Paris, 21 March 2012 Joint AAL Information and Networking Day – France, Switzerland and Luxembourg

These events address all stakeholders interested in participating in the upcoming AAL Call 5; they will give an overview of the AAL Joint Programme, provide essential information on Call 5 (focus areas, application procedure, funding rules etc.) and present a showcase of a running AAL project. The events in Innsbruck, Brussels and Paris and will also feature a networking session to give potential project partners from different fields and countries the opportunity to discuss their project ideas and establish valuable contacts.

For further information please visit our website.

Barbla Rüegg, Project Officer

Schlagwörter: AAL, ICT

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