10 COST Actions Open for Participation

costThese COST Actions are open for participation of Switzerland-based researchers:

  • ES1405    Marine gas hydrate – an indigenous resource of natural gas for Europe (MIGRATE)
  • FA1406    Advancing knowledge on seaweed growth and development
  • IC1405    Reversible computation – extending horizons of computing
  • IC1406    High-Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications (cHiPSet)
  • IC1407    Advanced characterisation and classification of radiated emissions in densely integrated technologies (ACCREDIT)
  • IS1406    Enhancing children’s oral language skills across Europe and beyond – a collaboration focusing on interventions for children with difficulties learning their first language
  • IS1407    Ancient European languages and writings (AELAW)
  • IS1410    The digital literacy and multimodal practices of young children (DigiLitEY)
  • MP1406    Multiscale in modelling and validation for solar photovoltaics (MultiscaleSolar)
  • TU1407    Scientific and technical innovations for safer Powered Two Wheelers (PTW)

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