Information on Societal Challenge 6 Brokerage Event and Info Day Now Online

The presentations given at this year’s Societal Challenge 6 Brokerage Event and Info Day are now online available.


Horizon 2020 Proposal Check Event for Societal Challenge 6

A Proposal Check Event for Societal Challenge 6 coordinators takes place in Warschau on 9 November 2018, one day after the dedicated Brokerage Event.

The aim of this event is to increase the chances for funding and to transfer useful knowledge to project proposers. Applicants will have the unique opportunity to discuss their proposals with experienced Horizon 2020 evaluators and gain feedback on work already done.

The submission of applications will be open until 12 October 2018.

Registration and more information

Save the Date: Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 6 Brokerage Event

The Societal Challenge 6 Brokerage Event for topics with deadline in March 2019 will take place in Warsaw, Poland on 30 October 2018. The focus is on the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to get involved in the next Societal Challenge 6 proposals! The Brokerage Event consists of a morning info-day session with presentations from the European Commission, followed by a presentation session for future coordinators. During pre-arranged face-to-face meetings you can meet and discuss with researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.

Further information:

Information and Networking Day for Social Sciences and Humanities on 14 Nov 2017 in Brussels

This international information and networking day will highlight Horizon 2020 opportunities for researchers from the Social Sciences and the Humanities (Societal Challenge 6). Weiterlesen

Horizon 2020 Workshop for Coordinators in Societal Challenge 6

On 26 October 2017 a one-day consortium building workshop around selected topics of the upcoming Work Programme Societal Challenge 6 (Inclusive Societies) will be held in Brussels.

The objective of this hands-on event is to prepare ground for consortia building: to give opportunity to future proposers to discuss concrete cooperation possibilities, to present their expertise and learn from each other. Experienced R&I officers will help participants to steer the group discussions.

The event is organized by RTD liaison offices from EU member states and Horizon 2020 associated countries. Registration is compulsory.

Please note that this event is directed specifically towards potential coordinators of Societal Challenge 6 projects and that the number of participants is limited.

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