Swiss Nanoconvention 23.-24. Mai 2013 in Basel

The Swiss NanoConvention 2013 in Basel is the prime showcase for nanotechnology in Switzerland, jointly organized by the «who-is-who» in the Swiss nano scene. It is the venue for meeting the great minds in nanoscience and -technology.

The Swiss NanoConvention 2013 will be organized together with the NCCR on Nanoscale Science funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.
Whereas the NCCR has its focus on medium- to long-term science, the conference will also integrate the CTI-Micro/Nanoevent, which focusses on short- to medium-term applied science.

Key topics of the conference include:

  • Nano for ICT
  • the life sciences
  • optics
  • energy and
  • materials for a sustainable development

The two-day program will feature plenary talks, topical sessions, discussion platforms and ample opportunities for in-depth and informal networking. A poster session and a topical session on EU funding are also planned.

Further information:

Schlagwörter: Nanotechnologie

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