The Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS) offers project grants for pluri- disciplinary teams in international studies.

The following definitions for international studies and pluri-disciplinary research apply:

The SNIS adopts an inclusive understanding of international studies. Therefore, research in international studies concerns issues that are pluri-disciplinary, relevant to the international agenda, and for which international cooperation is required to produce policy-relevant outputs. Investigated issues may combine political, economic, social, environmental, historical, legal, health, scientific, and development dimensions of complex societal questions.

Pluri-disciplinary research is concerned with the study of a research topic within one discipline, with support from other disciplines, bringing together multiple analytical dimensions.

The SNIS supports pluri-disciplinary projects in the social sciences and pluri-disciplinary projects that combine natural and social sciences. The SNIS does not support pluri-disciplinary projects that only consist of natural sciences. The SNIS does not fund individual grants, i.e. career grants.

Projects must run for two years and funding can range from 100’000 to 300’000 Swiss francs.

Thematically, submissions can be made for the following branches of the Call:

  • The general call: In any area of International Studies as defined above.
  • Special theme 2020: What promising new forms of global governance and cooperation in response to the changed geopolitical order? Opportunities and challenges for non-state actors.

There is no quota for the general call or the special theme, i.e. one will not be statistically penalized for submissions to either branch.

Further information