REPIC: next deadline for project outlines and proposals

Are you developing an innovative project, designed to meet the needs of a developing or transition country?  REPIC is partially financing new, sustainable and effective small-scale projects from Swiss institutions with high replication potential. Next deadline: 6 May & 5 June 2019.

The REPIC platform makes an important contribution to the implementation of a coherent Swiss policy and strategy towards the promotion of renewable energies, energy and resource efficiency in international cooperation.

It contributes to the implementation of global climate protection agreements and the promotion of sustainable energy supply in developing and transition countries, as well as in Switzerland.

Thus, the REPIC platform is a valuable component for the implementation of Swiss policy in sustainable development at the international level

Further information

REPIC Platform Secretariat
c/o NET Nowak Energy & Technology Ltd.
Waldweg 8
CH-1717 St. Ursen
Phone: +41 26 494 00 30
Fax: +41 26 494 00 34

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