The QuantERA call for 2019 has been published with a submission deadline on 28 February 2019. QuantERA is a European Research Area Network supporting research in the field of Quantum Tehnologies with the European Union’s ERA-NET Cofund scheme. 

The 2019 call is now open with the following requirements:

(1) Topic

Proposals should address one of the following research areas:
Quantum communication
Quantum simulation
Quantum computation
Quantum information sciences
Quantum metrology sensing and imaging

(2) International Consortium

The project consortia must have a minimum of three partners requesting funding in at least three countries participating in the call.

(3) Project Duration

24 to 36 months

The Swiss participation to QuantERA is managed by the Swiss National Science Fund. Details on the call: QuantERA page at SNF
For further questions, Swiss participants should contact