Postponed Submisson Deadline to 7 June 2016 of Health SC1-PM-14-2016 Topic

horizon2020The submission deadline of the Horizon 2020 topic SC1-PM-14-2016 „EU-Japan cooperation on Novel ICT Robotics based solutions for active and healthy ageing at home or in care facilities“ has been postponed.

This deadline extension takes into account the recent increase in funding opportunities in Japan due to the newly announced call for proposals by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and should allow for a reasonable preparation time for the corresponding proposals to the NICT and the European Commission. The FAQ in the H2020 participant portal will be updated accordingly.

Further Informatiion:

  • For consortium partners in Japan, more details (in Japanese) about this new NICT call and the MIC call.
  • The deadline for the MIC call will be extended as well. For questions about the these two Japanese calls, please contact:
  • Contact point in NICT:
    Commissioned Research Promotion Office, Innovation promotion Department at
  • Contact point in MIC:
    Application Promotion Office, Information and Communications Bureau at
  • NCP Japan:
    EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
    Address: 1-27-6-4F, Shirokane, Minato-ku, 108-0072, Tokyo, Japan
    Tel: +81 – (0)3-6408-0281 – Fax: +81 – (0)3-6408-0283

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