Ideal_istPartners are sought for personalised health care (PHC-25) for heart chronic diseases with skills in wearable sensors, software, care data management, personalised care systems and more.

The AISIC proposal will develop a new ICT system to implement methods and tools to improve the personal early risk estimation and diagnosis aids of Heart chronic diseases, with emphasis on the patients medically relevant physiological data measured by wearable sensors, patients personal profile structure and partial history.

The proposal will be submitted to PHC-25-2015: Advanced ICT systems and services for integrated care.

Partners are sought in: Heart chronic disease, expert in health care systems, university research in integrated care, experts in tele-health and tele-care, ICT development of monitoring patient status and interaction designers in medical ICT, care data analysis, expert in training programmes for care workforces.

Closure Date: 21 April 2015

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