Nano-Tera: Call for proposals

The Nano-Tera initiative aims to bring Switzerland to the forefront of a new technological revolution, using engineering and information technology to improve the health and security of humans and the environment in the 21st century.Submission deadline for the new call for proposals is March 5th, 2012.

The mySNF portal is now open and available for your application.

Please pay attention to the following points:

  • Once you have logged into your mySNF account, create a new application and select “” as funding instrument (at the end of the funding instruments list).
  • For the submission in mySNF, budget figures of requested funding must be given for each individual laboratory with a Co-PI status. Therefore, contrary to the Excel spreadsheet “RTD Project Detailed Budget Form” available at, where the information is filled out on an institutional basis, the mySNF portal requires the data on a Co-PI by Co-PI basis.

Alternatively, for your convenience, you can also choose to submit your detailed Excel budget form on a Co-PI by Co-PI basis instead of an institutional basis.

  • Regardless of how the detailed budget forms are filled out, in the “RTD Project Overview Budget Form”, each line corresponds to the details of each single applicant. In case several Co-PIs from a same institution filled a joint Detailed Budget Form, these values must here be split by Co-PI. These numbers in the orange cells are those that must be entered in the mySNF portal.
  • Also note that the purpose of this call is not meant for submissions aiming at extensions of already on-going RTD projects; there will be another call in 2012 for such applications.

Quelle:  Nano-Tera management office

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