International Summer Workshop 2012: «Start Up Your Own Chemical Company» June 18-20, 2012

Starting up your own chemical company – a good idea?

We believe that starting up your own chemical company is an excellent idea in a world facing multiple challenges. Just think about the energy, water and health requirements of an ever-growing and aging global population. In all of these areas, chemists can make important contributions with new materials, smarter and greener processes, and new drugs, to name but a few.

You do not have to wait for a stroke of genius or huge amounts of money to start your own company. There are plenty of opportunities to take action and start your career as entrepreneur.

Let us introduce you to entrepreneurs and business professionals that know their markets and have found their innovative niche or creative solution to serve their customers. The workshop will work on four topics and every workshop topic will be introduced by industry professionals and experts. Following these inputs you will have sufficient time to work in smaller groups and to discuss crucial aspects of chemical entrepreneurship. Your group work will be based on a real case from Optical Additives GmbH, winners of the Swiss Technology Award 2011, with their Luminescent Solar Concentrators.


More details:

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Online Registration: The online registration deadline is May 21, 2012. Registration is only valid after confirmation by the ZHAW. The number of participants is limited.

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