Information Day and Brokerage Event for Horizon 2020 Logistics

horizon2020Interested in Logistics topics? Don’t miss the Information Day and Brokerage Event coorganised by ALICE and the European Commission on 13 October 2016 in Brussels.

The European Technology Platform ALICE (Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe), together with the European Commission Services organise a dedicated session addressing topics from different calls (beyond transport) with the intention that logistics stakeholders can get all their interest concentrated in one day.

The objective of the event is to get correct briefings on the topics by EC project and policy officers that should help properly scoping the proposals answering to the calls. Also, sharing ALICE expectations on the topics regarding expected contributions of the projects to ALICE roadmaps implementation. For the brokerage event part, we recognise is maybe too late for the calls closing in January, but It could still be room for participation opportunities!

The Information Day for the contractual PPP (Public Privater Partnership) Green Vehicles is on the following day (14 October 2016) and could be combined.


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