Registration is now open for the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) Stakeholder Forum 2020, which will be held online on Tuesday 10 November. The theme this year is ‘Broader horizons: growing Europe’s health partnership’.

Euresearch -e-Alerts – IMI Stakeholder Forum 2020

IMI2 launched the last calls this year, and the Stakeholder Forum will allow us to take stock of what was achieved, and the many lessons we’ve learned around what has worked well. We will also explore what can be improved upon, and look forward to a new adventure being proposed under Horizon Europe.

The event will feature leaders in both policy making and science and technology expertise.

We will focus on paediatric cancers to demonstrate how a new partnership would bring new stakeholders together, synergise with the Cancer Mission and be more inclusive in the co-creation of ideas for the programme.  We will also want to listen to you – our stakeholders – to help develop the new partnership, avoid pitfalls and build together a world leading collaboration.

More information

Draft agenda

Registration, free of charge but mandatory, and open until 8 November 2020.

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