Hasler StiftungA research program of the Hasler Foundation open to Swiss Universities, Universities of Applied Science and institutions of the ETH Domain.

Deadline for submission of short proposals: 24.07.2016
Earliest start of project funding: 01.04.2017

Computing plays an ever increasing role in all aspects of our life. As a consequence, society and information technology continuously interact and influence each other in a complex process. In this context, cyber-human system research investigates the increasingly coupled relationship between humans and computing with the broad goal of advancing human capabilities. Novel models, methods, theories and technological innovations in information technology are developed to increase our understanding of this new class of computing systems and to exploit their large economical and societal potential.

Research in cyber-human systems addresses specifically all aspects close to the interface between humans and information technology. It is concerned with novel computing platforms such as wearable, textile-integrated and mobile devices or even person-embedded sensors and computers. The research also explores systems that interact with users through multiple modalities such as new interaction techniques, computer displays and even brain-machine interfaces. Algorithmic aspects in cyber-human systems concentrate on local data processing in smart devices at the network edge rather than sending all data to the cloud for processing. Finally, research also addresses the consequences of such an augmented life and society where an intelligent infrastructure could influence and impact all aspects of our lives.

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