CCEM Roadshow 2013 9th call for proposals

Research in a network is the basis for efficient cooperation and extraordinary results. Different groups from the ETH domain are working together with the Universities of Applied Sciences and in close collaboration with industrial partners. Everyone interested in energy research in the areas of energy, mobility, heat and buildings is warmly welcome.

9th Call for Proposals of the Competence Center for Energy and Mobility (CCEM)

Deadline 28th of June 2013.

This year’s call will be organized together with swisselectric research.

@Empa 20.03.2013 Empa-Academy
@EPFL 09.04.2013 Room BC 01
@ETHZ 11.04.2013 Room ML E 12

A contract between ZHAW (School of Engineering) an CCEM is in negociation.

Further Information:

Schlagwörter: CCEM, Energie, Mobilität

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