SWISS FIWARE5 December 2014
ZHAW ICCLAB Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Technikumstrasse 9, Winterthur, Room TL 201

Enjoy the €80 million euros of direct funding, mentoring and networking to create your innovative Internet application with FIWARE technologies. Join the Future Internet Accelerator Programme and choose the accelerator that suits your project best!

The event offers, to SWISS Small Enterprises and WEB entrepreneurs, the opportunity to introduce  project ideas to the professional A16 accelerators. They will guide you through the difficult time of developing your application and building your business with their expertise.

FIWARE in collaboration with FI-PPP projects join forces to host a series of events in several cities, bringing an excellent opportunity to receive training and coaching on FIWARE.

The day is structured to :

  • provide overall introduction of the main FIWARE Generic Enablers needed to  develop your first application based on FIWARE
  • support Small Enterprises  and Web entrepreneurs to apply to the open calls in Dec 2014 and early 2015

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