Schlagwort: Swissnex – Funding Opportunities is a centralised platform showcasing scientific and technological cooperation opportunities between Switzerland and the rest of the world. Launched by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) in collaboration with Swissnex, the new platform aims to facilitate collaboration in research and innovation by providing researchers, higher education institutions and innovators with a unique overview of the most important funding instruments, calls for joint research projects, and mobility programmes.

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How to Innovate NOW Workshop Monday, May 4, 2020

56pm CET (Switzerland) 

We have a whole new Digital Imperative in our companies and organizations brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. But launching an innovative product is always an experiment in search of a business model. So how do you ensure success? Instead of trying to immediately generate revenue using their existing sales force, companies should follow a market development framework designed to discover the purpose for which customers will use the product and how they will buy it.

Led by Jan Beránek, CEO of U+, and Sean Sheppard, Founder of GrowthX, this workshop will walk us through a framework for innovation execution that you can use in your development efforts. Establishing a functioning learning organization to test hypotheses with customers and iterate based on feedback allows you to find your truth faster about where your proposed product fits in the market (if at all).

Participation is limited. Please register to attend the workshop on Zoom. 

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