Partner Search for Security Topic DRS-15-2015

Euresearch 300x100An Italian research centre is looking for partners dealing with CBRN or which could be potentially involved in Seveso type accidents.

The Italian research centre IPTSAT is looking for industrial partners for the call DRS-15-2015 Critical Infrastructure Protection topic 4: Protecting potentially hazardous and sensitive sites/areas considering multi-sectorial dependencies.

Further Information:

  • For more information please contact:
    Valerio Caroselli
    iptsat srl
    Via Sallustiana, 23 – 00187 Roma
    tel  +39 06 42041726
    fax +39 06 42041703

Partner Search for Security Topic DRS-01-2015

Euresearch 300x100An Italian University is looking for partners in the call DRS-01-2015.

The University of Camerino, coordinator of a proposal under the call „Potential of current and new measures and technologies to respond to extreme weather and climate events“ (DRS-01-2015), is looking for the following partners: Weiterlesen

Partner Search for New Consortium Targeting H2020-FoF-10-2015

Euresearch 300x100Partner Search for SMEs with expertise in 3D thermoforming or 3D printing machine manufacture.

A Bavarian University is assembling a consortium in order to submit a proposal for FoF-10-2015 – Manufacturing of custom made parts for personalised products. Partners sought are SMEs with strong capabilities in machine building and manufacturing: construction of the hardware devices, thermoform machines, machines for the further elaboration and transformation of the plastic and materials.

Further Information: