Cooperation with ‘Swiss Healthcare Startups’ and ‘Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’ for high-potential Swiss Biodesign scholarships

Good news for potential participants of the CAS Swiss Biodesign for Medtech Innovators 2021: “Swiss Healthcare Startups (SHS), the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and our praxis partner Balgrist University Hospital will sponsor three participants through high potential scholarships, allowing them to take part in the course at a significantly lower rate.

Swiss Healthcare Startups (SHS) and the internationally active Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) are two of the leading Healthcare associations. And they share ZHAW’s Swiss Biodesign vision: That the healthcare-specialized, needs-oriented Biodesign innovation process, developed by Stanford University and taught at ZHAW, is a key ingredient for stimulating radical medical innovation in Switzerland.

A special cooperation in the medtech sector © Pixabay

To inspire innovation-minded young professionals, the two associations as well as Balgrist University Hospital will sponsor one high-potential scholarship each. The three successful applicants will join the max. 12 participants of the exclusive management-course CAS Swiss Biodesign for Medtech Innovators 2021 at just 1/3 of the total tuition fees of this course (CHF 4’000 instead of CHF 11’800).

Apart from fulfilling standard Biodesign applicant requirements, candidates should have

  • less than 5 years of post-graduate healthcare experience in startups, research, clinics, medtech, pharma, IT or consulting companies
  • successfully completed Bachelor, Master or MD degree
  • demonstrated academic, intra- or entrepreneurial excellence
  • first international experience
  • strong interest in radically innovating medical devices or digital health.

The application deadline for the scholar-/fellowships is Oct 1st, the course starts in January 2021. Find more course information on the CAS here.

Swiss Healthcare Startups (SHS): Biodesign Scholarship for young innovators

SHS is a non-profit organisation supporting innovative startups that aim to add value to the Swiss healthcare ecosystem. The Zurich-based association organizes high-profile events to help accelerate and develop new startup ideas in the fields of novel healthcare models, digital health, medtech, patient driven medical services and other healthcare related fields.

In order to benefit from SHS’s high-potential scholarship, applicants must meet the standard Biodesign application requirements plus those of SHS. Scholarship details here.

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA): Biodesign Scholarship for young female innovators

HBA was founded in the USA in 1977 as a global non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the advancement and impact of women in healthcare worldwide. The three HBA chapters in Switzerland organize frequent events and networking platforms in Basel, Lausanne and Zurich-Zug. The HBA Zurich – Zug Chapter will offer a significant subsidy for a young, high potential (preferably female) participant, willing to enhance or start an entrepreneurial / STEM career in medtech or digital health and contribute to HBA’s mission of gender parity in healthcare management. Scholarship details here.

Balgrist University Hospital: Biodesign Fellowship for young healthcare practitioners

Balgrist University Hospital is specialized in the diagnostic assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients with serious problems affecting the musculoskeletal system. On behalf of the University of Zurich, it is responsible for training doctors in the specialties of orthopaedics and spinal cord injury.

Balgrist University sponsors a Swiss Biodesign fellowship for a young, high potential health care practitioner (In case of equal qualification, employees / researchers of Balgrist or ETHZ will be preferred). For more information on the fellowship, contact Dr. Jens Haarmann (, or Prof. Jess Snedeker / ETHZ (

More information on the CAS Swiss Biodesign for Medtech Innovators ZHAW’s Biodesign program aims to provide healthcare intrapreneurs and potential entrepreneurs the management tools, real-life experience and network to invent and market radically novel health technology devices

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