Last week on 16th June, we held our 5th Open Cloud Day. It took place this year at our campus (ZHAW Winterthur). We co-located another event of ours with the Open Cloud Day, the SDN Workshop.

Open Cloud Day is a joint activity, organised annually by ch/open/ and our research group, Service Engineering. The SDN workshop, a biannual event, focussing on the Software Defined Networking topic in cloud computing, is a joint activity between SWITCH and us.

The one day event hosted about 130 people, ran in 3 separate tracks; main, SDN and workshops, and covered a vast area of cloud topics. PaaS undeniably was the most discussed topic where some speakers took a provocative stance and others towards a positive and “game-changer” aptitude.

The SDN track running in parallel was the 6th SDN Workshop in the line and as always hosted talks from the big players in the market as well as the large academic institutions researching in the topic.

There were 2 tutorials running in parallel to the other 2 tracks, where the audience learnt to use new technologies like Kubernetes and Pivotal’s Spring (to make cloud native apps).

As last year, our group presented several demos, during the break times, about the ongoing research in the lab, e.g. the software orchestration framework Hurtle’s integration with our SDN framework Netfloc and the distributed computing framework DISCO, there was demo on the rating-charging-billing framework Cyclops, demo on cloud robotics ongoing research, cloud native applications research, demo on Push2Cloud framework and the cloud energy efficiency research. The demo booths were very well received by the participants.

Following are some of pictures from the event to give you a glimpse. The slides of all presentations have been uploaded in the event webpage along with all the pictures, the videos from the main track will be made available in the coming days (also on the event webpage).


JAW_9281 JAW_9304 JAW_9311

Open Cloud Day will be back next year with interesting sessions again. Looking forward to seeing you there!