Title: Amysta SaaS – A Comprehensive hybrid cloud cost management platform

Industry Partner: Apalia

Research Partner: ICCLab, ZHAW

Funded ByCommission for Technology and Innovation

Cloud computing is increasingly providing the resource and computing needs of businesses and enterprises worldwide. With well known companies adopting a cloud based operating roadmap, the confidence in the business propositions of cloud computing is on an upward trend. While many traditional sectors including banking, health, and public sector’s government services still do not wish to lose complete control on resource management, even they are increasingly adopting virtualization and private cloud deployments to improve utilization. And in between, there are numerous organizations that adopt a middle approach – a combination of in-house infrastructure for critical computational and storage needs while using public clouds for non critical jobs to achieve price benefits and yet keep control on data and processes that they deem critical.

The above analysis is generally valid in all the three cloud service offerings – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. It is increasingly becoming common for profit driven, agile enterprises to adopt a combination of all of the above – in-house private cloud + public IaaS + PaaS + SaaS solutions to optimize the Return of Investment (RoI).

The common task undertaken by any CEO is optimizing the financial outlay by identifying how each division is using the budget, what is the cost of using the resources and whether there is a synergy among various departments in terms of resource usage or not. With the gradual shift from a fully in house infrastructure to outsourcing some of the computing needs to public providers of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, this task of cost management is increasingly becoming more challenging.

The project aims to research models and algorithms addressing the concerns outlined above.