Service Prototyping Lab (SPLab)

The Service Prototyping Lab (SPLab) performs scientific research and development to rapidly and easily bring applications into the cloud while maintaining quality standards for high availability, high resilience, and other predictable characteristics.

selogo-splab-croppedSPLab advances the state of the art in Service Prototyping. From applied research on novel service architectures to applied research on migrating software to the cloud through suitable services, SPLab is available for innovative technical projects. Headed by Josef Spillner, the lab hosts two research themes on Pervasive Services and Service-based Applications which in turn contain six research initiatives. SPLab operates in conjunction with the ICCLab to realise complex cloud application systems.

The research initiatives for the themes of Pervasive Services and Service-based Applications are:

SPLab has been founded in August 2015 and is gradually ramping up its initiatives. Watch this space and the blog front page to find software, tutorials and articles from our research. Download the SPLab brochure to get a one-page description of research initiatives and outputs.

If you are interested in our work, subscribe to the joint ICCLab/SPLab blog feed, check our open source software on SPLab at Github, our peer-reviewed publications, or just follow SPLab on Twitter. We also run two public mailing lists: cloud-announce for academic community announcements of conferences, vacancies and so forth, and splab for updates on what happens in the Service Prototyping Lab.

Amongst our lab results and its impact, we can point to the following recent highlights.

  • Education
    • Internet Service Prototyping elective module (ISPROT-EN) for IT bachelor students
  • Software
    • Multi-Cloud Simulation + Emulation framework (MC-EMU)
  • Publications
    • Experimental Evaluation of the Cloud-Native Application Design, CloudAM’15
    • Stealth Databases: Ensuring User-Controlled Queries in Untrusted Cloud Environments, IEEE/ACM UCC’15
  • Community
    • co-chairs of ICWE’16, UCC’16, HPCS’16

Our expertise includes: Experimental comparison of stacks and frameworks; provication and emulation of live conditions, e.g. popularity spikes, failures and malicious interruptions; decomposition of existing applications; cloud-aware designs for new applications; connectivity between services and devices; multi-cloud applications; continuous development and deployment of bundled microservices.

Contact Josef Spillner [josef.spillner / /] regarding any SPLab matters. Further contact details and legal blurbs for the focus area Service Engineering are here.

Recent blog posts:

Walk-through: Importing virtual machine images into EC2

push2cloud – Deploy complex microservice applications in style

Calls for contributions to UCC 2016

Announcing the Service Prototyping Lab

Since the inception of the InIT Cloud Computing Lab (ICCLab) in 2012, cloud computing has become a mainstream technology in Switzerland and everywhere else. There is a continued and in fact increasing industry need for innovating in cloud stacks, platforms, networking, energy efficiency and overall infrastructure.

But with all the platforms now deployed, more businesses are making use of them due to their inherent advantages such as on-demand provisioning / rightsizing, transparent pay-per-use pricing models, and flexible virtual infrastructure packages. Applications and services are migrated to such platforms or even engineered specifically for these platforms. Consequently, we have received the feedback from the business side and acknowledge it with an extension of our applied research activities. In order to frame our involvement prominently, we hereby announce the opening of the SPLab in addition to the ICCLab. Continue reading