CONCORD is the Facilitation and Support action for the EU-funded Future Internet Public-Private Partnerships (FI PPP) programme. CONCORD supports the European Commission in implementing a coherent FI PPP programme in a way that makes it more than the sum of its 10 constituent projects. Concord proposes and coordinates cross-project activities. CONCORD advocates fair, open and inclusive processes for the supported parties to achieve commonly agreed—or sometimes divergent—goals. CONCORD advances an open and transparent decision-making mechanism and a collaborative environment, where all the projects are in a systematic manner contributing to, and accountable for, their contributions towards the success of the FI PPP programme as a whole. CONCORD facilitates knowledge transfer and co-creation across projects as well as with related external groups. It further supports the projects in developing guidelines related to standardisation, legal and policy frameworks, SME and user involvement and cross-project collaboration. CONCORD addresses the identified challenges and conflicting interest within the community neutrally through structured discussions and meetings. CONCORD seeks consensus and avoids dominance through set rules for participation and interactions. CONCORD focusses on future-oriented strategic planning for FI PPP and on bringing a valuable contribution via unbiased outsider attention to FI PPP structures and processes.

The ICCLab’s responsibility within CONCORD and thus the FI-PPP is to coordinate the Architecture Board, chaired by the Platform project Chief Architect (CA), and generally supported and managed by CONCORD. The AB is responsible for the technical alignment of FI-PPP activities. This task includes process facilitation as well as content contributions from a neutral perspective. The process facilitation role of CONCORD involves agenda preparation in support of the Chair, supporting the CA in technical moderation, overseeing that the Architecture Board meetings run smoothly and fairly for all FI-PPP Programme parties operationally, and follow up and progress monitoring of action items as well as the reporting to the Advisory Board, Steering Board and the Commission. CONCORD will keep track of the discussions and decisions in the form of structured minutes duly distributed. In terms of content contributions, the work includes keeping track on the general direction and progress of projects, focusing on the details of technical convergence. CONCORD also fills identified gaps as regards program level aspects, needs, requirement, synergies and opportunities. CONCORD will also orchestrate supporting and influencing activities around the Architecture Board including Programme objectives; policy, standardisation, open source and IPR issues; operational aspects for example in relation to trial infrastructures; and aspects related to sustainability and exploitation of technologies. The work will also include collaboration facilitation within the program and beyond the Architecture Board.

The second major task involves facilitation and definition of the overall FI-PPP vision articulation (the “what and why” of FI-PPP) and the continuous evolution of the relevant documents and different messages to different target audiences (participants, developers, policy makers, industry), along with FI-PPP’s mission (the role of FI-PPP in implementing the vision) and strategy (how the vision is to be implemented). This also involves defining together with all projects the strategy, mission and detailed objectives for the FI-PPP Programme, along with KPIs, and organization of regular consultation and assessment rounds.


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