Equinix: Global Data Centers that Protect, Connect and Power the Digital Economy


How can we ensure the vitality of the digital economy? This is the question Equinix’s founders asked in 1998 when the Web was revolutionizing information-sharing between businesses.

Their answer was to offer businesses a place to reliably run and grow their operations and securely exchange critical information – and this is exactly what Equinix continues to do today.

We do this by building and operating large-scale data centers around the world that offer the highest levels of reliability and security and, more importantly, give major networks and businesses a place to interconnect. This growing community of customers – spanning networks, enterprises, financial companies, technology service providers, digital media, social media and cloud applications – forms a thriving information ecosystem. We call this Platform EquinixTM.

Platform Equinix delivers:

  • A global footprint of International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in 31 major business markets across 15 countries and 5 continents
  • Access to more than 900 public and private networks to optimize service performance and reduce latency
  • Specialized exchanges for Internet, Ethernet and mobility
  • On-demand access to the space, power and network connectivity needed to scale cloud services and IT services and grow revenue streams
  • Facilities designed to support the requirements of high-density computing
  • Direct access to a complete cloud services ecosystem for rapid integration of services, technologies and customer opportunities, including more than 300 cloud and 500 IT service providers
  • Access to the Equinix Marketplace to market services to more than 4,000 enterprises and financial, network and content companies

Equinix is constantly evolving and seeks to act upon industry trends that will significantly impact the businesses of our customers. At the foundation of this effort is the Equinix Promise, which starts with a common purpose: to protect, connect and power the digital economy inspired by our dream that Equinix will be the interconnection point for the world’s leading businesses.

As the company looks forward into 2013 and beyond, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to help power the digital economy. This means that we will:

  • Constantly strive to evolve, cultivate and share our industry insights with our customers;
  • Seek opportunities to continue to expand in key markets;
  • Act upon industry trends that will affect our business and the businesses of our customers.