ICCLab presents Interoperability and APIs in OpenStack @ EGI Technical Forum, Cloud Interoperability Week

The ICCLab was invited to give a talk on Interoperability and APIs in OpenStack at EGI Technical Forum which was co-located with Cloud Interoperability Week. The workshop and hands-on tutorial sessions took place between September 18-20, 2013 in the beautiful city of Madrid. The presentation sessions were followed by panel discussion where all the speakers […]

ICCLabs Present on OCCI at OWF/CloudCamp Paris

ICCLab is just back from Open World Forum in Paris after being part of the organisation of the “Open Cloud, Open Standards” session that was run in conjunction with CloudCamp. It was an excellent session and Simon Wardley was the master of MC’ing. There was a number of presentations to kick off the day and that was followed by very interesting and energetic round table discussions.

In Quest of the “Open Cloud” (updated)

A remarkable and wonderful feature of Zurich is its vivid computer science and technology community. Hardly any week passes without an interesting event around new innovations and technologies, like the Internet of Things, novel programming languages (Go, etc), security, and of course Cloud Computing technologies (e.g. MongoDB) [footnote1]. Particularly interesting – from our / ICCLab perspective – is the ZhGeeks (@zhgeeks) community, run by one of our fellow technology and cloud evangelists Muharem. Last weeks Zhgeeks meeting was about Open Cloud and no less prominent figure than Samj was about to update us on the Open Cloud Initiative. A truly inspiring talk (download slides).

Notwithstanding of Sam’s comprehensive and sound introduction into the world of “Cloud Openness” (from an OCI perspective) I can’t help but have to ask myself – hellya, what is this Open Cloud thing?

Updated OCCI OpenStack Install Guide

Recently, the [OCCI implementation](http://www.github.com/dizz/nova) for [OpenStack](http://www.openstack.org) was made available by [work done by Intel Labs Europe](http://wiki.openstack.org/occi) as part of the [FI-ware project](http://www.fi-ware.eu). Some of the install instructions are now somewhat out of date. In this post we’ll outline the steps necessary to get the OCCI implementation up and running. This updated install guide is also now reflected on the [OpenStack OCCI wiki](http://wiki.openstack.org/occi). A big thanks goes out to Piotr Kasprzak at [GDWG](http://www.gwdg.de) for some of the updates!


We here in the ICCLab are very much interested in all activities related to standardisation in the Cloud. Standardisation forms part of our [overall strategy in bringing impact](http://www.cloudcomp.ch/research/) to the communities we take part in. One of these activities is our participation in the [Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI)](http://occi-wg.org/). OCCI is a standardisation activity ran out of the [Open Grid Forum](http://www.ogf.org).