ICCLab presents Interoperability and APIs in OpenStack @ EGI Technical Forum, Cloud Interoperability Week

The ICCLab was invited to give a talk on Interoperability and APIs in OpenStack at EGI Technical Forum which was co-located with Cloud Interoperability Week. The workshop and hands-on tutorial sessions took place between September 18-20, 2013 in the beautiful city of Madrid.

The presentation sessions were followed by panel discussion where all the speakers entertained several questions from the audience. There was substantial interest in the audience with respect to OCCI development roadmap and questions were also raised on suitability of one cloud standard against another.

In the tutorial sessions that followed the workshop, there were several projects that demonstrated their use of the OCCI standard. Notable among them were OpenStack, OpenNebula, and CompatibleOne.

[slideshare id=26782772&doc=interoperabilityandapisinopenstack-131002072248-phpapp01]

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  1. The contributions from ICCLab to this workshop and to the associated Cloud Plugfest #10 were definitely noted and much appreciated.

    These Cloud Plugfest events are intended to be mostly hands-on, developer-oriented opportunities to use and test cloud software built for interoperability and to give people the opportunity to use and to implement appropriate standards in practice. Formal testing as well as more general learning and mutual instruction are supported and encouraged. Please visit our web site at http://cloudplugfest.org for more information.

    Speaking from the point of view of OGF standards, we were delighted to see the OCCI-WG represented, as well as use by CompatibleOne and others of our OGF WS-Agreement standard suite for automated machine-readable, machine-implementable cloud service agreements, including SLAs, for service agreement templating.

    Keep up the good work!

    (P.S.: There were actually 5 different cloud software stacks that demonstrated OCCI compatibility during the Cloud Interoperability Week tutorials! CloudStack, OpenStack, OpenNebula, CompatibleOne and ActiveEon all demonstrated and gave tutorials, as documented on the web site!)

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