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4th Open Cloud Day – Highlights

ocd3The 4th Open Cloud Day, which we co-organised with The Swiss Open Users Group (/ch/open), took place earlier this week. The event held a gathering of about 120 participants, from industry and academia together. There were in total 17 talks and 3 workshop sessions.

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10th Swiss OpenStack User Group Meetup


Last evening, we had our 10th OpenStack Switzerland User Group Meetup. The nice folks at Puzzle ITC hosted and sponsored the event in their premises. The meetup started with a warm welcome from Mr. Mark Waber, CEO of Puzzle ITC and our own Mr. Andy Edmonds, Senior Researcher in the lab.

We quickly moved on with the presentations, 6 talks in total sandwiched between a 30 mins break for delicious Pizzas, some chilled Beer and delightful networking ūüôā Special thanks again to Puzzle!

Following is the list of presentations we had yesterday and a link to them. There was an interesting round of questions and answers following each talk (which of course couldn’t be recorded) and a round of applause for the presenter.


Follow the meetup group for upcoming CHOSUG events! We’ll be back soon ūüôā


4th Open Cloud Day : ready and waiting!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.45.08

The 4th Open Cloud Day is ready and waiting for your participation. This event, which we co-organise with Swiss Open Systems User Group (/ch/open) is running for the 4th time having it’s first outing in¬†2012. Scheduled on the 16th of June 2015 at the University of Bern (event location plan), the event runs for the entire day with a main track and 2 parallel talk and workshop tracks. The schedule can be seen here. During this event, ICCLab will be presenting demos of the different open-source prototypes we are developing in the lab under our various research initiatives.

We present more talks, workshops and demos this year, showcasing an industrial as well as academic relevance in the topics of Cloud Computing, Open Source, Cloud operational experiences, new technologies and applications, so on and so forth. The detailed information about the talks and workshops can be seen here.

For those who are not early birds, there is still time to join; please register here.

We look forward to seeing you there and hope for a very successful event!

SDN Workshop, 11th June 2015, University of Bern

ICCLab is happy to announce the upcoming SDN Workshop, that we are co-organising with SWITCH, will take place on Thursday, 11th of June 2015 – 09:00am to 6:00pm.

Location: University of Bern, Main Building, HG , 1st. Floor, Room 115

The aim of this Workshop is to share knowledge, have hands on sessions/presentations on SDN/NFV, Security, Cloud Computing and Service Delivery to the end-user, students, staff and researchers, providing a complete picture with ICT approaches, industry solutions, innovation and research.

Kindly register here to confirm your participation.

Agenda of the day is: 

09:15 – Welcome and Introduction

1st Session – 4 Presentations:

1. zSDN, a lossless networking architecture for workload-driven high performance Cloud РMitch Gusat, IBM Research Labs Zurich

2.¬†ENDEAVOUR H2020 project, enabling¬†next-generation programmatic network services in Internet eXchange¬†Points (IXPs) –¬†¬†Marco Canini,¬†Universit√© catholique de Louvain, Belgium

3. Cloud Networking, Open Daylight and OpenStack – Irena Trajkovska, ICCLab, ZHAW

4. Open Cloud Exchange РKurt Baumann, SWITCH

Lunch Break (1 hour)

2nd Session – 4 Presentations:

5.¬†Architecture for application-centric¬†wireless access using SDN –¬†Panagiotis Papadimitriou,¬†University of Hanover

6. SDN Network at Uni. of Bern РZhongliang Zhao, University of Bern

7. Title coming soon – Microsoft Zurich

8. Pending

Wrap-up (17:00 – 18:00) – Discussion, next steps and networking

We would like to invite you to participate and request you to register here, so that we have the exact number of participants (to estimate the lunch requirement). To kindly note, registration is mandatory. 

Thanks and see you there!

Last minute Docker Meetup in Z√ľrich

We organised (a very last minute call) Docker Switzerland User Group Meetup last night at the Swisscom offices in Hardbr√ľcke, Z√ľrich.

Luke Marsden, CTO & Co-Founder of ClusterHQ, gave an insightful talk on “Docker, data and extension”. He spoke about Flocker, a manager for data volumes in Docker allowing for easily moving around storage (e.g., databases, queues and key-value stores) along with containers across different hosts.

Despite a very short notice announcement on the meetup page, we were 19 people listening to Luke and enjoying the delightful cold beer (from us) and afterwards, a delicious round of pizzas (from ClusterHQ). Unfortunately we couldn’t video-capture the talk, but you can see Luke giving a very similar talk at a previous event in London¬†here.

Many thanks to Swisscom for providing space at the short notice and to ClusterHQ for not sending us home with an empty stomach! Thanks to all the kind folks who joined us and made the event fun with their interesting discussion and stories.

The Docker team will be back soon!


Balazs Meszaros

balazsBalazs stumbled across the ICCLab when he was looking for a part-time employment during his master studies. He immediately got hooked on the technological challenges of cloud computing. At the Lab, Balazs is working in the Distributed Computing in the Cloud initiative, juggling with several state-of-the-art frameworks. Before he found his way to the ICCLab, he developed Embedded Software for a small company based in a town in the Swiss Alps after having worked in Business Integration for several years.
When he’s not in front of the computer screen, he likes to do volunteering and traveling the world, especially the lesser-known places. He also likes playing the guitar, learning Japanese or involving in Couchsurfing activities (which is not to be confused with being a couch potato!).

3rd Docker Switzerland User Group Meetup


We organised the 3rd Docker Switzerland User Group meetup yesterday, 24th of March 2015. The event was hosted at the premises of Rackspace at Technopark in Zurich and was sponsored by VSHN. The event, with about 40 attendees, started at 1800 hours with the opening talk of our own Florian Dudouet who is responsible for organising the Docker Switzerland user group meets, followed by a talk from Sebastien Goasguen from Citrix, on the Docker Machine, Compose and Swarm.

The second and final talk was from our own Martin Bloechlinger, who presented and gave a demo on Migrating an Application into the Cloud with Docker and CoreOS.

A big thanks to VSHN for the delicious pizzas, and the beer from the ICCLab, no one left unsatisfied! Many thanks to Rackspace for providing the space, and giving a chance to see the cool cow (only who helped clearing up and the insiders will know of this)!

It was a fun meetup and we look forward to repeating that again in a couple of months time. Bis später!


ICCLab and SPLab Open Source software releases

ICCLab and SPLab are proud to have contributions in the Open Source community. Following is a list of our open source contributions/releases and their info.

List of Open Source software releases:

1. Cyclops РA cloud Rating-Charging-Billing tool

2. Hurtle¬†–¬†Offer your Software as-a-Service

3. Netfloc¬†–¬†NETwork FLOws for Clouds – an SDN based SDK

4.¬†Netflogi¬†–¬†Netflogi ‚Äď a Graphical Interface for Netfloc

5.¬†Powdernote¬†–¬†A cloud based note-taking application

6. Watchtower РA cloud incident management tool

7. Arcus Energy Monitoring tool – Energy monitoring for OpenStack

8. CNA Seed project – A reference cloud-native application implementation

9. N_O_conf – A Nagios-based elastic OpenStack monitoring system

10. VM Reliability Tester – A software that tests VM performance in OpenStack

11. CF-WebUI РA single-page Web-Frontend for Cloud Foundry

12. KIARA – FIWARE Advanced Middleware

13. Podilizer – Java code to AWS Lambda transformation

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4th Open Cloud Day, 16th June 2015, Bern







The ICCLab is happy to announce the 4th Open Cloud Day on 16th of June in Bern. Like the previous years, the day long event focuses on the goal to foster open clouds and interoperability of clouds, especially taking into account the requirements of public administrations and large as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Concrete cloud stacks will be discussed during the course of several talks and in the afternoon there will be specific workshops, from enterprises sharing and showing their know-how in latest Cloud technologies. The developments in Gov Clouds will also be discussed.

The event is planned as a full day event (single or double track) with 2-3 training session for specific cloud stacks (hands-on).

Save the date and register soon!

Date: Tuesday, 16th June 2015

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: University of Bern, UniS, Schanzeneckstrasse 1, Bern.

Docker Switzerland User Group

600_358948342.jpegThe ICCLab is actively using, promoting and educating about Docker. We are running regular Docker Switzerland User Group meet-ups for anyone with an interest in container technologies in general, as well as Docker and its ecosystem to come along learn, participate and hopefully have some fun too!

For more information about the Docker User Group meet-ups, go to the official Meet-up page on Docker User Group in Switzerland. Subscribe on it to get the news on the upcoming meet-up and help build up the community!

If you would like to help the Swiss Docker community with sponsoring a meet-up or present during one of the meet-ups please write to us.

To get more information about our other cool events and news, follow us or ping us on @ICC_Lab.


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