ocd3The 4th Open Cloud Day, which we co-organised with The Swiss Open Users Group (/ch/open), took place earlier this week. The event held a gathering of about 120 participants, from industry and academia together. There were in total 17 talks and 3 workshop sessions.

The day kicked-off with the Keynote talk from our own Prof. Dr. Thomas M. Bohnert (aka TMB which he prefers). He talked about the current state of Cloud computing after all the hype is finally over, or in his own words: “its no longer if and when, but how”. TMB also talked about the current technologies, the mindset (people & industry), flexibility, need, etc etc. He also unveiled, in the course of his talk, the various opensource prototypes that our lab has developed meanwhile.ocd2
The event then continued with talks from SWITCH, Camptocamp, Exoscale, Univention, ICCLab (our own Dr. Piyush Harsh talking on Cyclops), stepping stone, ungleich, SUSE, Swisscom, etc just to name a few. ocd16

We also organised a very unique workshop session bringing together Openstack (presenter from CERN), Cloudstack (presenter from Citrix) and Opennebula (presenter from ungleich GmbH) at the same platform and have the presenters from each, talk about the features, simplicity/complexity of deployment and usage, applications that can be run on these stacks, so on and so forth . This workshop session was concluded at the end by a panel discussion by our own Mr. Pietro Brossi, a lecturer in ZHAW and with tremendous experience in computer sciences and technologies. We specially had some very positive feedback from this workshop session.

**The following picture was taken from the official twitter page of ungleich GmbH (https://twitter.com/ungleich/status/610933984562925568)


The slides to all the talks and workshop sessions will be found here, just click on the header of each talk.

Media coverage by Netzwoche can be found here.

Press release of the event can be seen here.

Following are some highlights of the several demo booths we showcased to present our opensource prototypes. Enjoy!1socd13

ocd10 ocd14 ocd12 ocd7