by Josef Spillner

Following up on the previous visit from Service Prototyping Lab (SPLab) at Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland to Itaipu Technology Park (PTI) in Paraguay, two young investigators from PTI’s Centre of Information and Communication Technology (CTIC) with support from CONACYT are now visiting us at the SPLab and more generally in Switzerland.

Yessica Bogado and Walter Benítez will spend some weeks to get to know the local research and development situation, get information about our ongoing research initiatives, dive into solving some hard questions, and discuss ideas for future collaboration. Furthermore, they will explore novel research methods and prototypes specifically in emerging technology areas such as cloud-native applications and serverless applications, as well as upcoming hybrid container/cloud function applications.

Walter Benítez, Yessica Bogado and the host Josef Spillner

The visitors may or may not enjoy the wet-windy climate and temperature differences between the countries. However, they enjoy the vibrant scientific drive within our lab which is growing with several open positions. Getting to know the lab and labbers filled the first day. Already on the second day of their stay, they explored the literature about cloud application architectures and technologies. Jointly, research directions were suggested, some of which will be refined in the coming weeks and months. Subsequently, on the third day, the brainstorms encompassed scalable stateless web frontends with decentralised storage connections, which is sensible considering the rise of decentralised infrastructure through fog computing and other re-interpretations of the cloud services model which gravitates towards ultra-lightweight microservices implemented as cloud functions.

Research directions around serverless application ecosystems

The Service Prototyping Lab welcomes international visitors for short-term stays as well as international staff, and in particular looks forward to a fruitful exchange of ideas with our guests from Paraguay. Such collaboration may involve the entire Service Prototyping research area whose staff met and greeted the visitors in our offices and in our downtown location. Intercultural aspects such as the important differences between Mate and Tereré were already on the agenda, as were discussions about whole-stack issues from decentralised cloud infrastructure to business applications running atop. We are looking forward to having a great and fruitful time together!