What does half a spare day lead to with an ICCLab researcher? Something fun and interesting one would hope!

It’s time now in the RCB initiative to shift gears, the group behind Cyclops is almost ready with a fully revamped architecture which makes a true framework out of Cyclops. Once that is released, what next?

One domain which we are warming up to is investigating how Cyclops framework will handle intermittent and error prone data streams. Valid scenarios would be rating-charging-billing for low power sensor deployments, smart homes, Internet-of-Things etc. The data sources would be numerous, low power entities and data transmission links would be noisy and not always there.

If Cyclops is to handle such cases while ensuring auditability and consistency in data processing, a different data management strategy will be required. The data will need to be brought into the cloud, gaps managed pro-actively, billing process will need to be adapted, and many more adaptations required.

Without a valid test framework, we would not be able to achieve high standards of feature-sets in Cyclops. So I decided to create my own sensor/IoT simulation tool. The tool will allow researchers and scientists plug in custom sensor behavior and deployment models, and hence it will be a general purpose simulator suitable for wide variety of validation scenarios. We at ICCLab RCB initiative would stick to using this tool for testing Cyclops for IoT and distributed sensors use cases!

Please watch the video and await announcement from our end regarding general availability of this tool. Comments as always are most welcome.

Watch the video below with updated capabilities of the IoT simulation toolkit.

If you need further information about this tool, contact: harh@zhaw.ch