The Cyclops team at SE research group in InIT is pleased to announce their upcoming talk at OpenStack CEE Day 2016. Cyclops is undergoing development at breakneck speed and many improvements have been incorporated in the framework in last 6 months. Interested? Then hear us out in Budapest on June 06, 2016.

Abstract of the talk –

Cyclops is an open-source generic rating-charging-billing framework for clouds. It has first class support for OpenStack clouds and allows converged billing with IaaS + PaaS + SaaS scenarios. The generic rule-engine which powers the rating and charging micro-service allows a business to use Cyclops for variety of revenue management scenarios. It supports event based billing, resource usage based, as well as subscription based pricing and billing. Furthermore, it enables revenue sharing between cloud provider and various actors including application developers in a marketplace scenario, as well as resellers and distributors. Cyclops was first presented in OpenStack CEE 2015 edition where the talk covered the basics of its micro-services architecture, in this talk the audience will find out about new features and supported use-cases in Cyclops since that talk. Cyclops has been developed as part of European funded projects Mobile Cloud Networking and T-Nova where it has been deployed to do charging and billing for virtualized telco services deployment over OpenStack as well as integrated with the marketplace for VNFs and its deployment using ETSI MANO recommended orchestration mechanism (in T-Nova). The talk will provide details of use cases from these large European projects and describe how Cyclops was used to enable proper revenue management in these use cases.