by Josef Spillner

With the end of August 2016, the Service Prototyping Lab (SPLab) finished its first year of operation. The applied research lab contributes to a better understanding of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-ready and cloud-native applications, industrial domains for hybrid cloud applications (e.g. Cloud Robotics) and prototyping techniques to rapidly bring new complex Internet services to the market. Coming now into the second year, we’re even more ready to act as innovation partner with scientific work techniques to Swiss and European companies and research institutions.

SPLab has refined the notion of labs at ZHAW and is proud to have achieved new levels of information and transparency by releasing its annual lab report. Both SPLab and ICCLab work jointly in the Service Engineering research area as highly focused and specialised units which together cover the whole stack of cloud computing from the infrastructure to the applications. By frequent publishing of articles and open source software, we contribute back all investments to the society and advance the state of technology at large.


Some (not all, though) of the Service Engineering group members upon celebrating the jubilee.

Due to many commitments of the members of SPLab and ICCLab, the celebration took place with a few days delay. Apart from food and joy in the lab, the group took on the hypothesis of age-dependent bar hopping. Due to space constraints, we cannot give the full details of the experiment here, but we claim to have successfully validated the following formula: