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7th Fokus FUSECO Forum – Day 2

7th Fokus FUSECO Forum – Day 1 can be found here.

The second day of the 7th Fokus FUSECO Forum consisted on a single track of Conferences and time for Demos.



Among the demos, one particularly appealing was UAV-NET, related to “Mobile-Mobile Networks”, consisting of a drone that could distribute a network over an area, it proposed the extension of the communication coverage area dynamically, dynamic wireless backhaul management, dynamic data acquisition when and where really needed, dynamic data acquisition when and where really needed, provision of appropriate crowd protection  and emergency services; and, support for public event logistics and security. Continue reading

7th Fokus FUSECO Forum – Day 1

The 7th Fokus FUSECO Forum, 2016, brought together international technology experts to present and debate about the latests developments. The Forum welcomed 32 nations in Berlin, Germany and split into two days of activities.


The first day consisted of Tutorials and Workshops about Access Technologies, Core and Service Platforms and Industrial Applications; and, the second day consisted of Conferences about Drivers for 5G. Continue reading

Juan Francisco Ribera Laszkowski

FrancoJuan Francisco Ribera Laszkowski is a Software Engineering student at Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra UPSA. He’s currently in his final year of his bachelor of engineering degree and working on his thesis on Cloud-native Vehicle Control System using License Plate Recognition.

His research interests include cloud native applications, cloud orchestration, cloud incident management and service-oriented architectures.

He was a world finalist in the ACM-ICPC Programming Contest in 2015 in Marrakech. Moreover, Francisco showed remarkable participation in many school events as well as regional, national and international competitions. His university awarded him the Institutional Scholarship for Outstanding Performance for 3 consecutive years.

He joined the ICCLab through the IAESTE internship program and will be working on the Cloud Orchestration initiative team. Prior to joining ZHAW he worked as an intern for the international oil company OXY Bolivia in 2015 and was also an Algebra assistant at his university from 2013 to 2016.