InfiniBand: An Introduction + Simple IB verbs program with RDMA Write

This blogpost aims to give you a short introduction to InfiniBand. At the end you should have a rough overview over the technology, much of its terminology and on how to program a very simple RDMA application with IB verbs.

The first part explains the basic characteristics/properties of the InfiniBand technology and the physical parts that a network consists of. The second part takes a closer look at the logical parts of the technology that are needed for communication. In the third and last part I’ll explain the structure of a simple IB verbs application.

Webcast: ITU Telecom World Forum 2013, Panel Session “Mobile Cloud Networks”, Thursday 21 November (16.15-17:45, Bangkok)

The panel sessions will be webcast (audio and video). Questions submitted via a Twitter feed using the hashtag #ITUWORLDLIVE  or by SMS or through the ITU Telecom webcast portal will be displayed on the Moderator’s laptop screen during the session. Mobile Cloud Networks Thursday, 21 November 2013, 16:15 – 17:45, Jupiter 9 Innovative services and […]