Luke Gorrie, founder of, pioneer, and serial make-it-happener (call it entrepreneur) in the network technology domain, came over to visit the ICCLab to discuss future research and engineering domains of Software Defined Networking (SDN).

About Luke. ” I’ve helped to build the internet for nearly 15 years through my work at BluetailSynapseTeclo, and for Nortel and Ericsson. This is a really interesting and rewarding field to work in. I recommend giving it a try if you get the chance. I’ve worked with really interesting people and with really interesting software. I’ve been able to hang out with clever people like Joe Armstrong, the OLPC engineering team, and VPRI. And to work with the really fantastic hacker communities around Erlang, Common Lisp, Smalltalk, and Openfirmware. I hope this has given me an interesting mix of ideas to shake into a unique and delicious cocktail”.

It’s always brilliant to meet technology enthusiasts like Luke, with a focused approach on real-world problems and innovations to go after them. We at the ICCLab appreciate and value that. Cause lot’s of great ideas were discussed naturally during our get-together and many common aspects and understandings identified. Truly inspiring.

We are looking forward to following-up!

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