Invitation to the Upcoming Workshop on Scientific Computing in the ICCLab Cloud

Workshop Date: Wednesday May 14th from 10:00 to 14:00, room ‘TV 401’

The ICCLab is pleased to invite you to the upcoming Workshop on Scientific Computing in the ICCLab Cloud. This workshop will focus on how to leverage the ICCLab Cloud infrastructures for executing scientific applications in a distributed, high performance environment.

The workshop’s agenda will include several talks describing applications from different areas of science (physics, mathematics, machine learning, etc.), highlighting their requirements from the ICT perspective. The workshop will also include a comprehensive overview of Hadoop and a tutorial on how to deploy, configure and use a Hadoop cluster on the ICCLab Cloud through the Savanna OpenStack project.

The workshop date and the full program are to be announced.

To register send an email to Diana Moise <>

We look forward to your attendance.

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