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ICCLabs Present on OCCI at OWF/CloudCamp Paris

ICCLab is just back from Open World Forum in Paris after being part of the organisation of the “Open Cloud, Open Standards” session that was run in conjunction with CloudCamp. It was an excellent session and Simon Wardley was the master of MC’ing. There was a number of presentations to kick off the day and that was followed by very interesting and energetic round table discussions. The ICCLab presented on OCCI and you can see that presentation here (PDF here):

The topics of discussion during the day revolved around:

  • “Does the Cloud need standards?”
  • “Government role in Cloud, beneficial or dangerous intervention?”
  • “What do we mean by standards anyway – specification or reference model?”
  • “Whose standards – de jeure or defacto?”
  • “Should those standards be open?”
  • “Is there any such thing as an open API or are all APIs open?”

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where we discuss the out comes of the session.

ICCLab to Present “From Bare-Metal to Cloud” at EGI Technical Forum 2012

ICCLabs and GWDG will present on the topic of “From Bare-Metal to Cloud” at EGI Technical Forum 2012 in Prague.

The ICCLab and GWDG had a shared, common problem, namely how to deploy infrastructural service technology (e.g. OpenStack, CloudStack etc.) with the least amount of user interaction (i.e. automated) during the deployment process, across a large number of servers. The solution to be presented allows for the easy deployment of operating systems on to bare-metal (physical servers) and the deployment and management of specified software packages upon those provisioned bare-metal systems. To accomplish the combination of Foreman and Puppet was chosen. For the work, it was assumed that the network architecture, partitioning etc. is already determined.

This presentation will detail what measures have been taken to automate the provisioning of OpenStack clusters at the two research labs. The presentation will describe the technology stack, discuss the individual technologies used and share the information with others. It will conclude with a demonstration of provisioning a multi-cluster OpenStack deployment upon virgin bare metal servers.