The participation to the announced Swiss Informatics SIG CC  kick-off meeting, hosted by ZHAW ICCLAB on 21-May-2014 in Winterthur, was good (industrial, SME, academic and associations) and the assembly confirmed that overall objectives of this Group are the understanding of cloud computing technologies and related supporting actions for Swiss industry, research and education.

To achieve these goals many actions were discussed in the agenda, like: Promoting the technological progress through joint research, Cloud Computing in Higher Education, Survey and armonise existing Swiss initiatives and groups on Cloud Computing,  Establishing personal and business networks, Dissemination and co-organisation of relevant events, Provision of advisory services and H2020 consultation contributions, Swiss Gov projects, Focus on relevant open-source platforms and delivery of the results with white papers when needed.

The dissemination will be through social media, SIG CC portal (coming soon based on ) and mail list.

The General Assembly for the SIG will be held in six months and announced through our  channels. The scope of the next meeting will be the approval of medium terms objectives  and confirmation of the identified board. Contributions, minutes and web portal will be available in next weeks.

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