The first  Swiss FIWARE acceleration Conference was successfully held on 5-Dec 2014 at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ICCLab. There were around 40 participants from the pubic and private sectors of Switzerland and some from Germany and Italy.
Overall, it was an excellent opportunity to receive relevant introduction on FIWARE enablers and related coming open calls.

The agenda of the day was organised to provide necessary views for understanding the opportunities offered by FIWARE project. The European Commission (Ragnar Bergström) gave an overview of the Future Internet PPP   and its progress in Brazil and Mexico. The speech was followed by a large introduction of FIWARE project, (Thomas M. Bohnert, ICCLab), its eco-system and an introduction on the Generic Enablers.  In the morning Sandro Brunner (ICCLab) gave a first demo on how to utilise FIWARE LAB and how to mash and application up utilising the sensors infrastructure available in Santander city, Spain. The demo was also reprised in the afternoon and followed by a Q&A session.

Since the entire FIWARE platform is strongly based on the cloud, the participants had also the opportunity to see the view of EQUINIX , sponsor of the event.  The speech of Sachin Sony , Equinix UK met the objectives of giving information on the market trends for cloud services and how his company is worldwide involved as a provider of many Over The Top big players. The conference also offered the opportunity to introduce project ideas, from some participants, to the two A16 accelerators  ( Speedup! Europe  and SOUL-FI  ) represented by Olaf-Gerd Gemein and Maria Augusta Mancini respectively. They extensively explained their project goals and the support offered for the market acceleration and for the coming open calls (Figure.1).

Many thanks for attending the event and Special Thanks to the European Commission represented by Ragnar Bergström and to all the speakers.

by Antonio Cimmino (ICCLab)

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Fig. 1 – Open Call planopen call plan

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