ICCLab again organised the Summer School this year. This was the 3rd year since this program was incorporated as part of the ZHAW international exchange program. We had 16 students in total this year, 6 from the United States of America (GVSU, Michigan) and 10 from Switzerland (ZHAW).

The Summer School is an overall 4 week program, of which 2 weeks where spent in Winterthur, teaching Cloud Computing and Computer System lectures and labs everyday. Two more weeks of education are currently spent at our partner-university, Grand-Valley State University, in Allendale, MI, USA.

The lectures & labs were held by our own team members from the lab, the experts teaching their topic. Hence it provided a good opportunity for the aspirant young researchers to have some formal teaching experience. Some regular lecturers and professors (who look after this responsibility in the formal semester of the University), could take a back seat to supervise the course and some others transferred their long term expertise to the next generation of ICT-engineers.

This program is headed by Mr. Pietro Brossi, one of our own! At the moment he is continuing the program in USA, guiding the same group of students with the help of Prof. Jonathan Engelsma through the world of Mobile Application Development. The program runs for 2 weeks in Switzerland and then continues with 2 weeks in the USA, teaching the same set of students. This works like a “one-to-one” direct exchange. Each student team consists of 1-2 Swiss students and at least 1 US student. So the Overall program goal is not only based on teaching but also includes some social events (like a visit and hiking in the Swiss Alps, a visit at a datacenter and a monastery) as well as intensive language and cultural experience and personal Exchange between the students from both countries.

Following are some pictures taken during the lecture and lab sessions in Winterthur at ZHAW and from the Mobile Lab session at GVSU.

ss2015_4 Summerschool15_team3