Report from the H2020 SESAME kickoff meeting

The SESAME project, funded by the European Commission under the H2020 research program, has kicked-off last week in Athens with a 3 days long meeting including representatives from all the 18 involved partners.


The event has been kindly hosted by OTE, the Greek telecommunications operator holding the role of project coordinator.

The meeting sessions started on Wednesday the 15th of July, with short introductory presentations from each partner. This phase allowed us to know each other better and further clarify our roles in the project, in terms of what contributions will be expected and in what main areas throughout the various Work Packages. The agenda continued on the following days addressing a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from our target project objectives to the cooperation with the 5G-PPP program.

A positive fact to be noted is that our discussions have proven to be a very good mix of administrative, management and technical information, with all the partners keen to clarify and ask questions on different topics. Especially from a technical point of view, vivid brainstorming sessions have originated from slides depicting high level architecture diagrams, interfaces, components and have continued over coffee and lunch breaks.

We addressed technical details from different fields of expertise like e.g., where our high-level architecture connects the cloud computing and user services management world to that of telcos and management of radio resources. This initial input will prove to be beneficial to our requirements and specifications tasks and useful for the production of the first technical deliverables.

From the ICCLab, Irena and Vincenzo attended the event.

We look forward to making a positive impact in SESAME and we wish all the best to the whole consortium for the implementation of a successful project!

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