If it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for ICCLab…

Pushing boundaries is what ICCLab is all about: while this has been largely restricted to the realm of Cloud Computing heretofore, new dimensions were opened up last weekend, when the team ventured south to the beautiful setting of the Contra Dam at Verzasca to do the 200m 007 bungee jump (featured in Goldeneye).

6 hardy souls were brave enough to take the leap – the rest of us just watched in a mix of awe, admiration, disbelief and horror.

TMB stepped up first – some would say he was nervous and just wanted to get it over with, but that is vehemently denied by the official sources. As you can see from the video, he realized just after he committed what he had really gotten himself in to!

TMB following in the steps of JHB.

Next up was Michael Erne, one of the bachelor’s students in the lab. This was Michael’s second time to jump, so he was cool as a cucumber, which tended to irk some of the others who were a little on edge about the whole proposition. Michael demonstrated his experience by performing a solid jump and said that unlike the first time – where nerves were a factor – he could just focus on enjoying the freefall.

Michael’s experience shows.

Micheal was followed by Patrick Real, who is responsible for financials in the group. As you would expect from someone who deals with money, he took a cool, calm and collected approach; business as usual. Indeed, so relaxed was Patrick in this situation that he seems to just collapse off the platform into the 200m drop.

Patrick is extremely relaxed!

Tea, who organized the event and has wanted to do it since she was knee high to a grasshopper stepped up next. Although it seemed as though there were some nerves when standing around waiting, the tone changed when she stepped up on the platform and made it look easy as she jumped off the ledge.

Tea does it with class.

In contrast, Oleksii was entirely relaxed beforehand but when he walked out onto the platform he got butterflies (which might not have been helped by everyone laughing at him). In true Oleksii style, he composed himself and delivered what was asked.

Oleksii gets some butterflies.

Sandro was something of a last minute addition to the brave troop. When he stepped up on the platform, he looked down curiously to the foot of the dam many times – we suspected his rational Swiss sensibilities were having difficulty understanding why he was jumping 200m secured by nothing but an elastic band. This was confirmed later when he declared with conviction that this was the stupidest thing he had ever done.

Sandro jumps with conviction.

A wonderful day filled with fun, emotion, emotional blackmail, great achievement, conquering fear in beautiful surroundings in beautiful weather. Big shout out to Tea for organizing.


The brave jumpers.


The entire gang who went (including Kiara!)

[Thanks to Bruno for helping with the video and image content.]

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  1. These are all allegations. Only those who jump can really tell.

    No fear – TMBond 007++


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