The OpenStack Summit is a five-day conference for developers, users, and administrators of OpenStack Cloud Software. This time it takes place in Palais des congrès in Paris from November 2 to November 7. ICCLab is attending the Openstack Summit for the very first time.

To let you in the excitement and energy of the summit in Paris, here are our impressions from the first day.
Welcome to OpenStack Summit 2014 at Paris
The main keynote was kicked off at 9:30 by Executive Director of OpenStack Foundation – Jonathan Bryce in front of more than 4000 listeners. In his initial talk he thanked all the Openstack contributors, developers and users. He pointed out how much has Openstack changed since it first release in 2009 and how it’s being adopted as a de-facto cloud computing standard. He also pointed out that society is moving from long term planning and procurement model to instant gratification “credit card planning” economic system. Therefore is critically important to develop flexible and scalable solutions in all aspects of software development industry. Once the term “Software Defined Economy” was mentioned, it became one of the mainline in many talks during the whole day. In 2011 Marc Andreessen said that software is eating the world. Now in 2014 the Openstack is eating the software world.  
Jonathan Bryce, ED, OpenStack Foundation
Next up on stage was Jim Zemlin the Executive Director of Linux Foundation. His talk generally celebrated the success of opensource software and how is the opensource expanding in to the R&D departments. Speakers agreed that opensource is better model for standardization than a standard committee.   
Jim Zemlin, ED, Linux Foundation
Show continued by introducing 3 openstack’s users and their cloud stories – BBVA, BMW, TWC. All these showcases picked up advantages of using cloud and how the cloud helps to  keep up with current rapidly changing and competitive industries.
Jose Maria Sam Jose Juarez, Global Head of Innovation, BBVA  20141103_102044
First ever super user award was presented. From small pool of competitors the CERN won. The prize includes the all-expences paid trip to next Openstack Summit in Vancouver for the whole team.
CERN, OpenStack Super User awards winner
Later on our speaker Srikanta Patanjali gave #vBrownBag tech talk on dynamic rating, charging & billing.
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