Ongoing adoption of Cloud Computing has lead to an increase in the level of complexity of the existing services and inherently increasing risks for companies willing to migrate in order to benefit from this new paradigm. Unfortunately, one area that has not been properly engaged is Incident Management.

Cloud Incident Management is a new research direction which focuses on conducting forensic investigations, electronic discovery (eDiscovery), and other critical aspects of security that are inherent in a multi-tenant, highly virtualized environment, along with any standards that need to be followed.

An Incident is an event which occurs outside the standard operation plan and which can lead to a reduction or interruption of quality of service. Incidents, in Cloud Computing, can lead to service shortages at all infrastructure levels (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Incident Management provides a solid approach to address SLA incidents by covering aspects pertaining to service runtime in cloud through monitoring and analysis of events that may not cause SLA breaches but may disrupt service execution, or by covering aspects related to security by correlating and analysing information coming from logs and generating adequate corrective responses.

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